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Clue #66 - Rachel Blake Iceland Post 03 & DJDan 6/30

Rachel Blake Update:
Rachel Blake = Persephone! She's finally cleared it all up for us, and Rachel IS in fact Persephone so the debate has been laid to rest...She has been busy in Iceland and has already posted twice today. Scroll down for Iceland Post 03 then back up for more comments on Mittelwerk. It looks like she's headed for Italy next...

DJ Dan Update & Podcast:
DJDan's site was updated on 6/30 before his podcast was up. He's got Thomas Mittlewerk in his sites and has a new Sprite Ad on his page. He also had a new podcast that Rachel lead us to. Rachel Blake's blog linked us to the RetrieversofTruth message board (to get there from the retrieversoftruth page, you have to use "polar bear" as the password) and the podcast URL is in the "By the power of gravy...I HAVE THE POWER" thread. Valenzetti stuff and Rachel/Persephone calls in. Uber interesting stuff...

Thanks to Thraser76, Faith ^_^ and devondude for being the first to email!

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 7

Real life, Act 2 and Beyond, SitonaMonkey, Speaker Speaks?, and some special ICING on the cake at the end! We're shorthanded this week and our audio quality always suffers when William's gone. Bear with our best efforts, remember it is for free and for fun, and enjoy the goodness that is podcasting!

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file.

Usually, in the comments, somebody mirrors the file so its more accessible. :)

DJDan Update:
DJDan's site was updated this morning. He's got Thomas Mittlewerk in his sites and has a new Sprite Ad on his page. Expecting to find a new podcast today...

Clue #65 - Rachel Blake Iceland Post 02 & RoT/Verizon BLOOD

Latest from Rachel:
I'm back from New Orleans. Still catching up.
There's a new post on Rachel's blog. Seems pretty self explanatory and very insightful.

Rot/Verizon BLOOD Clue:
There are some new documents on richerbroaderdeeper.com (the Verizon site). You have to open these in PHOTOSHOP and increase the opacity to view the image. They layer the 3 on one another to view the complete message.

NO. 1 http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com/blood
BLOOD was in all caps in the new email you receive from the RoT site when you give them your email for the newsletter. This new document is missing a lot of letters...

NO 2 http://richerdeeperbroader.com/money/
Want some more of the letters? We got an advance preview courtesy of Dennis who guessed MONEY first try! Open this in PHOTOSHOP and overlap it with the "blood" layer.

HERE is what the first two images look like already combined.

NO 3 http://richerdeeperbroader.com/sorrow/
More? Okay. Good thinking BellyOfDesire...blue...sorrow

Mochi hooked us up with the image of ALL THREE COMBINED.

"Polar Bear" is the new password to get into their message board this was also found using info from the new newsletter email..."He stated his name was "Wand Prowess." (new password anagram) He then stated that I should remember his name, "not as it is but as it can be." Then he began what seemed like a poem, "In the Pacific I'm in the ocean bare, when I'm up north I'm the sea bear." (sea bear, ocean bear = polar bear)

Thanks to Matt the Pale, Dennis, Evil^^, and BellyOfDesire for posting this latest find in the comments.

Clue #64 - Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

Rachel's made her latest post on her blog and is now in Iceland!

UdonPaul331, from her comments, posted that he is from Vigi Benoffski's home city where Vigi (the mathematician from yesterday's post) teaches at a local university and found a memo laying on one of his professor's desks, which he posted on his blog. The memo said Vigi would be speaking on Pattern Theory in Australia, and would be unavailable, but the dates he would be gone to Australia overlap with the day he died in the fire at the Vik Institute!

Also, she's posted her latest video! This time it's buried in the Gary Troup website. She convinced Armand Zander to meet with her! Either navigate yourself to find it, or click the links below to access it directly.

There were 2 choices for downloading the video at Garytroup.net, but they've been removed. However, thanks to "matt the pale" in our comments, you can watch it on YouTube!

In addition, some people have received messages from DSLerator (from the RoT site), directing them to the MySpace page of a Mandrake Wig. We aren't quite sure what to think of this yet, but be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

Clue #63 - Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 07, Gary Troup Info (8), Save Joop & RoT

Rachel Blake Post 7: Post 7 is up over at Rachel Blake's blog. She commends Linmoo for finding Mittlewerk's map but says that "this doesn't seem to make sense!". She says she saw another map on the ground "near the zero degree latitude line" that her camera didn't catch. Also, GidgetGirl is back in the comments and has provided a link to her blog, in an attempt to gain Rachel's trust and convince her that she's "in a position to share things that nobody else knows about The Hanso Foundation". Rachel references the letter from Armand Zander that Persephone posted on one of her hacks. Looks like Rachel's headed for Iceland!

Gary Troup Video: Gary Troup's latest interview (No. 7 of 9) has been found on Myspace. For those you who cannot access MySpace, evil^^ from our comments has uploaded it to Youtube.

Savejoop.com Update: When we tried to visit one of our favorite sites today, we instead saw an announcement that they had reached 10,800 signatures and a message stating that for reason they could not disclose, savejoop.com had to be shutdown. But they gave a link to a MySpace account, where they supplied us with a better explanation that "some people did not find it too funny" and gave a link to www.sitonamonkey.com who was "keeping the cause alive".

Find the post titled "108" and read through the comments. Early on "savejoop" tells that, after reaching their mark and trying to contact Hanso, they started getting ALOT of heat for it and were trying to find a way to show us the documentation. THEN they provided this link and this link, asking for passwords. The passwords were found to be DI 9FFTR731. This gives us a letter from Peter Thompson and a restraining order. Looks like THF means business!

RetrieversofTruth: There's chatter on the message board over at RoT again. Looks like these guys truly are able to be reached through the use of AIM. Have had any conversations with them? Post it in the comments!
Some people have received this message from DSLerator on AIM:
Here’s your next hint: 25 15 21 18 - and if A = 1, B = 2, etc., then this message = YOUR.

Clue #62 - DJ Dan 6/26 & Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 06

DJ Dan Podcast: Looks like we've got another Podcast from everyone's favorite conspiracy theorist, DJ Dan! Either go to his website at http://djdan.am/podcast.html or click here to get it directly. This time it's hosted by Monster again.

Looks like the week is starting back up! Keep an eye on Rachel's blog for her updates as well. Comment away!

Transcript in the comments by skirtz!

Rachel Blake Post 6 and WTK Video: Rachel blake has made her newest post on her blog for her newest video. The link leads us to http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com/ .

In the TRASH folder, there are 2 new things, a familiar image and a link to the Jeep Compass page at Jeep.com.

At the Jeep page, click on Interior on the sidebar on the left. Click on "In Back" and then locate and click on "Removable Flashlight. Click on "View Demo" in the animated image and you will be taken to Rachel's newest video!

Plus, on the main page at Letyourcompassguideyou.com, if you click at about 216°, you will see the log on prompt for the Admin folder. Through deduction it was determined that the username is WTK (William T. Kilpatrick, who had a conversation with Rachel), and the password is "themouthpiece", which was found on the "Around the Clock" image. This will take you to a "MyDocs" folder that contains a link to this WTK video.

AND THEN: As if this wasn't enough, there is new chatter on the RoT board. Head on over and log in (with porter) to the message board. Looks like we have yet another mystery to solve! This pretty much sums it up:

: So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to the clue that will lead you to the clue to THE CLUE.
iobiSeeingYou: Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret.

Clue #61 - Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 05 & RoT Update

Rachel Blake Update:
Rachel posted again. And she linked us to a new website where she apparently has hidden clues to another video. Head over to 43things.com and go to Rachel's List of 43 Things. You'll notice that goals 4 8 15 16 23 and 42 all contain just one word: truth, safe, reckon, copenhagen, alvar, sumo. It also stands out that goal 43 is "Have a refreshing beverage".

This led us to sublymonal.com, where we entered "truth safe reckon copenhagen alvar sumo" into the login box. This action opens up a second login box. Remembering Rachel's blog conversation with Mel0drama (Post 01), Rachel said: "Me: Cool. Gotta go. I've got 43 things to do to stop their 'better tomorrow'"

Entering "better tomorrow" in the new sublymonal login box takes us to http://www.sublymonal.com/_hidden/ . Look in folder 48 (48 hours reference from ROT Board) for the video. (also on YOUTUBE). Also in folder 48, we find MelODrama's first reveal about Dr. Hackett, a confidential memo.

Linmoo found Mittlewerk's island in google earth. The pictures are of islands in Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada near Thunder Bay. The islands in the picture with names are Edward Island, St. Ignace Island, Simpson Island, and Wilson Island.

Thanks to Stash, Justin, & arkay for emailing. Thanks to Richard for posting in the comments. This was apparently solved by a crew in an unfiction chatroom.

Retrievers of Truth Update:
There is more chat going on in the Retrievers of Truth Message Board.

Thanks to Chris, Bob, MSTK, Gary, Lainie, and Vijay for emailing first!

Clue #60 - Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 04 & LYCGY Trash

Rachel Blake Update:
Rachel has updated her blog again. She links to an Australian LOST message board and claims to have recorded a conversation between Mittlewerk and a Korean man. She also signed her post "rblake, 105 years." So...if you go to the message board and click "reply" to any message, and then click on the "objectionable comment" link to the right. It takes you to a log-in.

User Name: rblake
Password: 105years

"Peeping on Tom" then becomes a hyperlink - click it to listen to the audio. The translation of the discussion is on Rachel's blog.

LetYourCompassGuideYou Update:
There is a record of a conversation in the trash folder of the directory of the Jeep sponsored LetYourCompassGuideYou.com site. Seems to be giving us insight into the early days of Rachel's quest for truth. (OpenersHep = Persephone = Rachel B) William in the conversation is the William T. Kilpatrick from this contract, which means he is the WTK in this video.

After you read, click HERE...Is this the right path? Are we looking for another username & password for the zip file? Where is that zip file?

Thanks to Evil^^, Jim, Julie, Thrasher76, Gail, Sarah, & BellyOfDesire for emailing this info to us first.

Clue #59 - Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 03 & DJDan 6/21

The clues are coming fast these days and we don't want to break up discussion in the comments so we'll just consolidate 2 clues into one post here. This is how we're going to deal with Rachel's uber-frequent updates.

Rachel Blake Post 3
Rachel Blake Posted again & again today. Hugh McIntyre in back in the picture and we have another Hanso Foundatio press release. She's also engaging in selected conversations in the comments of her blog with people like GidgetGirl & MelODrama.

DJDan about the Life Extension Project & Alvoop?
DJDan's 6/21 podcast is up. Go to DJDan's website and click 6/21. It takes you to letyourcompassguideyou.com. Click at 108degrees. Go to the owelles folder to find the podcast.

See also some good discussion in the "comments" of our previous post.

Thanks to Andrew, Evil, Drew & Sean for being the first to email. Sorry about the slightly later than normal post...meetings all morning.

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 6 & More...

Whew! It's tough to put together a podcast on a week this busy. We hope our "8 Thoughts in 16 Minutes" sparks some good thinking.

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Research Blog is complete and fully functional. In case you haven't heard us mention it, this is intended to be a place where deeper meanings and implications of these "clues" are summarized and explained. Our Researchers will be working hard to provide understandable abstracts of the most popular and relevant topics.

Lastly, it seems that Rachel Blake may have listened to last week's podcast and enjoyed our "interview" with Persephone. Who knows, maybe she shares P's affinity for Kirk Cameron. Whatever the case may be, THIS ALTERNATE VIDEO popped up on YouTube and we had to share it with you...just for inspiration & laughs.

Clue #58 - Rachel Blake Copenhagen Post 02

Rachel's posted her second video. Sort of...You've got to find it...then watch it...then discuss. Her post leads you to Retrievers of Truth ("porter" password to Message Boards) which connects you to Broadband Stories. Click on the "Ultimate Journey" one. Second Row, Third Column.

Her posts seem to be organic (kinda like the ones on this blog) so check HER BLOG often. She has an interesting cell phone pic from inside the shipping archives and has welcomed the Black Rock into the Experience with the implication that the Hanso foundation was "built on the backs of slaves."

Thanks to Sean for finding it and emailing us!

Clue #57 - Orientation Testing Issue 1980 & thejeepchannel video & savejoop update

Sorry to put 3 posts in one but...Man! What a day!

Dharma Clue:
If you stare at Hanso foundation site (black screen with red logo) for awhile, this flashes up under the logo: "orientation testing issue 1980". Naturally, check out:

Can't tell what's going on in the video? Matt the Pale & Mochi to the rescue...check this out. Great use of flickr.com by the way! Or look at this collage.

new thejeepchannel video:
This video went up on YouTube. Interesting and confusing at the same. Read those beautiful comments for a transcript containing an apology to DJDan and an implication about the Jeep Contracts from Clue #34.

savejoop.com update
The petition went over 10,000 signatures on the same day Rachel mentioned Joop in her video...but I'm pretty sure the boys won't send it in to The Hanso Foundation until they are sure they have 10,000 legitimate signature. They've caused quite a stir though and I wouldn't be surprised if Hanso beats them to the punch with a response...Aren't we due some info about Joop?

Thanks to Nima Baniamer & PaKuaKid2 for being the first to email. Also thanks to Matt the Pale, Mochi, and others for grabbing screen caps.

Clue #56 - Persephone (20) RachelBlake.com & P's Page Update

Viewing the page source of www.thehansofoundation.org leads us to www.rachelblake.com (her blog is powered by Blogger...just like ours!). You might notice a box under the words "Extra info" in which you can enter text. To find out what to enter go to persephone.thehansofoundation.org.

Persephone's site was updated and it's kinda creepy. Listen to the audio and you'll hear text talking over it saying "101 118 105 100 101 110 116 32 97 103 101 110 100 97" but backwards. When you change from decimal to ascii you get "evident agenda". You now have the password to enter into the "Extra info" box on Rachel Blake's blog. You will be taken to stophanso.rachelblake.com.


I actually tracked with most of this one by myself but thanks to Moss Z06 & Belconto318 for being the very first to email us! *And a special thanks to CoolMan0912 for info about the "evident agenda" password.

Clue #55 - Act 2? The "Premature" Rachel Blake Video

After much research, here is the skinny on the "Rachel Blake Video".

The video was found legitimately on Friday June 16 (almost by accident) on Monster.com. Here's how: The homepage had a poll that must have looked interesting to TLE followers b/c it has Jimmy Kimmel as the top choice. We took the poll and then clicked to view the results, there was a a link at the bottom of the results that said, "view our celebrity advice videos". For a short window of time, Rachel Blake's video was posted at the bottom of THIS page (and it will probably return there soon). We know for a fact that the video was there but then was taken away.

As best we can tell, Monster.com posted too early (everyone makes mistakes) and so they removed the link from their site almost immediately on Friday but not THE VIDEO FILE from their server until sometime Sunday night. It seems as though they've taken it off Monster for now, so try clicking HERE to see it in YouTube.

Here's what we think:
Read this ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ARTICLE just out on Sunday and notice the following quote: "Produced in partnership with Lost's TV carriers in the U.K. and Australia, the Experience was conceived by ABC's marketing department and the show's producers as a three-act story steeped in official show mythology but involving new or peripheral characters."

The Hanso site and Persephone's hacks were Act 1. This new video is the introduction to Act 2. Monster just goofed and messed up the intermission. When the time is right we will have a more clear vision of Act 2.

By the way, this is particularly interesting to us because of our theory proposed on Podcast 1 & Clue #23 back on May 6th. Not to brag, but we kinda called it that Persephone = Rachel! Yes, we think Persephone and Rachel are one & the same (just listen to her say "Alvar"). In addition, there has been some discussion and we just thought we'd come out and say it that we really don't think that Rachel is Hugh's "girl on the side". But that's just our opinion.

Thanks to TheTruthTempest, Jack, Isaiah, and Alex for being the first to email.

Clue #54 - Persephone (19) Wow and Uh-Oh...

Listen carefully...This is big. After you view this clue, you will be completely barred from the Hanso site (kinda). It looks like, after one watch, they don't want us to be able to go back and view again. Of course, there are ways around this.

Sidenote: The Retrievers of Truth Message Board has been updated too. They mention a Verizon site about Broadband Stories which you'll notice, has a piece on DJDan (bottom row, 4th from left). (This is cool but doesn't merit it's own clue right now)

The Main Event:
The site, persephone.thehansofoundation.org has been updated with a rather interested image. The image file is named 7800isus.jpg. The image contains the following objects:


Take the first letter of each object and you get the word "RECLUSE".

A new password box pops up if you click on the word "mortality" on the Life Extension Project page of the Hanso Foundation website. The password is...you guessed it, "recluse". You'll also need to know the last name of Vik Institute Director, Dr. Zander.

Watch and read everything carefully because you may never see it again. Record, capture, host, email links.

Thanks to Jack, Wizardry, Thrasher76, BellyOfDesire, Leelee, and Phil for being the first to email.

Clue #53 - DJDan about Vik, etc

Go to DJDan's podcast page. Notice the picture in the bottom right of the page under the podcast dates has the letters "BigD" written on it. If you click that picture, you go to sublymonal.com. Enter "hello" and submit. Then click on the far left monitor and type "BigD" and you get the podcast. Wizardry recorded the file and put it HERE.

(Comment: Where's Tanya? And we thought we had bad post-production on our podcast!)

Thanks to Nima, Gary, Lavenda, & Crossfade for being the first to email.

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 5

We're all back in town for the latest edition of our podcast, and we even brought in a special guest. Tune in to find out a little more about the new research blog along with our usual insights and listener feedback.

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or download the file.

This one is a little longer than you're used to, but hang in there! It's all good...

NOTE: For those who are interested, we did no post-production on this podcast.

Clue #52 - DJDan's ROT Podcast

Finally! After a long wait, the DJDan podcast is up. Came from Retriever of Truth forum as expected. Go to the Retrievers of Truth site and type in "porter" for your email address. In the Message Board, click on the post entitled "Too Legit to Quit". Read through everything and then copy and past the URL in the bottom into your browser or direct link HERE.

Matt the Pale has hooked us up with THIS TRANSCRIPT.

Thanks to Dennis, Chad, Wizardry, & Tresbian for being the first to email us!

Clue #51 - Persephone (18) Magic Word & DJDan

Go to the Electromagnetic Research Inititative page on the Hanso Foundation site and click the picture. A message from Persephone pops up asking for the magic word. If you look closely, you can also see the faint image of a radio tower in the "early morning" picture. The magic word is "conspiraspies". Inside you'll find info about the Vik Institute and other fascinating insights. Click the word "offshore" and it will link you to DJDan's site.

Oddly enough...everything is inter-connected...There is also a new DJDan podcast up and it points you to Retrievers of Truth. However, on DJDan's site, if you click on the radio tower image on the homepage (the same one that faintly appeared on the ERI page), it will take you to http://www.thehansofoundation.org/swf/extra/spies/ where you will find a static-looking picture which says "conspira" hidden within.

Thanks to Evil^^, Thrasher 76, Keith, Antecedent, Crossfade, and BetterThanClay

Clue #50 - Persephone (17) Hole 4 & Mental Health

Persphone's message portal, persephone.thehansofoundation.org was updated with new numbers translating into a new message reading "+1 timeless together". Naturally, check for a hole4 and you'll find that there is a new picture up at hole4.thehansofoundation.org. The file name is u8egnce86.gif.

Also, the Mental Health Appeal page has been updated (click RSS at the bottom of the Hanso site to see the update). There is an "Inquire Today" box which leads to another Persephone hack. The password was found by "Just Willow" and posted in the comments over at Inside the Experience. Here is how it was discovered:

The file names for Hole 2, 3, & 4 are: q9als2002,t9agen75, and u8egnce86. Persephone's message, Timeless Together, was understood to be a clue that we should take away the time or the dates from these sequences and then put the rest together. So, if you take away 2002/75/86 from the file names, you are left with "q9alst9agenu8egnce" and if you change the numbers to letters (9=i and 8=h) you get "qialstiagenuhegnce" which is an anagram for "light sequence again".

By typing that into the box, you'll find a letter related to the Vik Institute and a neat memory game that gives us clues about the "Department of Heuristics and Research Material Applications"....D.H.A.R.M.A.

Play the random Memory Game (it will drive you crazy). I got to 45 and gave up after that...had to get back to work....Wondering why I never got my Apollo bar at 42? CHEERS to "Idaho Girl"! She made it all the way up to 108 in the "Simon" memory game and confirmed for us that...NOTHING HAPPENS! (See the comments for Clue #51)

Thanks to Chad, Evil, Dennis, Rod, Rich, Justin, DH, Dave for being the first to email us this info.
Thanks to Just Willow for the password (and to pharmacopaia & julie for passing it on) and to Idaho Girl for having the discipline to make it to 108

The Lost Experience Podcast Episode 4 & DJDan's Latest Podcast

Daniel, Jeff and William are on their own this week with David in Colorado, but don't be discouraged because we called him and have some exclusive comments from the mountain man that you won't want to miss!

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or download the file.

DJDan also released another podcast on Monster.com called "Shutting Down the Man". This one was really stirring and all about Hanso! Our friend Antecedent made a stunning comeback (after a car accident & hospitalization) by giving us a complete transcript in the comments. Check it out...

Clue #49 - Persephone (16.5) Retrievers of Truth & More!

We received reports of a new Hanso ad appearing on the ABC show Boston Legal with a link to the site called Retrievers of Truth at the end. In addition to revealing the new website on the Hanso commercial, "Retrievers of Truth" was handed to us on the IGA page of the Hanso site. When Persephone's countdown (from Clue #48) ran out, there was a noticeable change to the IGA page. Parts of the Mutant Cell/Normal Cell comparison began flashing and, if you put the cursor over the circles, you will see the words "Retrievers of Truth" appear on the chest x-ray.

If you go to this site and enter your email address for the newsletter sign up, you will receive a rather random message with many odd words. One of those words was "porter". If you go back to the Retrievers of Truth page and enter "porter" in as your email address, you will be taken to a secret Verizon employee message board.

Amongst the many interesting and relevent discussions listed in that message board, you will find a reference to a site: www.richerdeeperbroader.com, which is a Verizon site. If you view the source code for that site, you will see an arrow pointing to the word "Parthenogenesis". This is the password that must be entered on the IGA site in a hidden textbox to the right of the "Education Outreach experiments at the Institute for Genomic Advancement" description of the image. Entering this will take you to a series of pictures with a clear reference to the Dharma Initiative.

Thanks to bgoal, Scott, BellyOfDesire, Christopher, Stingray, Gary, Matt the Pale, M2Saint-TheTruthTempest, 007surge, and Raegan

Clue #48 - Persephone (16) Countdown

On June 6, we saw a change to the Institute for Genomic Advancement page on the Hanso Foundation website, Persephone provided us with a countdown. See the following clues to find out what happened when the countdown ran out.

Thanks to Rizzia, Donald, evil_one, Kerry, Stingray, and Tresbien


This blog is committed to collecting and posting the "Clues" as neatly and concisely as possible. It is very clear though that this isn't going to be enough. We must begin to intensify our dialogue about the "meaning" of the clues.

To discover the depths of this game and what it is telling us, we have already seen that we are really going to have to work together. Many brilliant minds have been doing some great research and contributing some fascinating insights but, for the most part, it has been tucked away in the "comments." It's time to bring their efforts center stage!

In 2 weeks, we are planning to launch "The Lost Experience Clues Research" blog and it is slated to be a "Group Blog". Our goal is to have "focused researchers" posting insights about each of their areas of interest/growing expertise as it relates specifically to the Lost Experience.

Clue #47 - Persephone (15) Miracle, Heavy Water / Plus more DJDan & Jeep Stuff

PERSEPHONE CLUE: There was an update this afternoon in the WWPDP section of thehansofoundation.org. Go there and click on the Press Release in the WWPDP section. Find and click the world "miracle" to bring up a text box requiring a password. The password is "heavy water". Heavy Water was deduced from "D20" which was found hidden under the right eye within the latest picture posted at hole3.thehansofoundation.org. D2O is referencing deuterium oxide, which is more commonly (used very loosely) known as "heavy water".

Talk about missing organs! Read the article and listen to the audio...look closely...lots of interesting stuff.

If you're having trouble with the password, try entering the site by clicking HERE.

THIS is an intersting screen cap? See the message and the person?

*Couldn't tell who definitively deserves credit for this. I've heard "EVIL" is the one who gets the props. Everyone seemed to be working like mad. Check out "EVIL" and the rest of the superstars in the comments!

Sorry to put 2 "Clues" in one but that's how it worked out...

DJDAN CLUE: Go to DJ Dan's website and click on the "6/01" in the Podcast section. This takes you back to the Compass site (from Clue #34). Click on 108 degrees position just outside the compass. It opens the same USR Directory as before. Scroll down and click the "owelles" folder and then click "tel_soul.mov" (sellout)

DJDan's podcast is in YOUTUBE . Great. Jeep advertisements...