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Lost Experience Podcast Episode 3

A special guest, an opinion about the Hugh McIntyre Interview, more insights about "Bad Twin", and more listener feedback. Make sure you stay tuned to hear an exclusive interview at the end of the podcast.

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or download the file.

Sorry that we can't afford mega-bandwidth. We're not making a dime on this thing. Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming. If you want to mirror the podcast, send us links and we'll post them.

*Interesting note: After the podcast, we started receiving emails that there was a "hack" on savejoop.com. Basically their banner has been changed to flash and every 30 seconds there is static and it says "Don't believe the lies." I'm now officially mad at Shaun and will pester him until I get a straight answer.

Clue #46 - Persephone (14) +1, Hole 3, Save Me

Thanks to our faithful chatters in our comments (I think they actually beat the Speaker on this one...talk about setting world speed records for subverting authority!), we noticed that Persephone's numbers (at persephone.thehansofoundation.org ) have changed to read "+1". Speculation led us to hole3.thehansofoundation.org and we see a broken link to a photo with the file name: t9agen75.gif

A guy named Matt spied the picture before they took it away (Way to go Matt!). Below is what he gave us.

Next, someone named Duality "randomized the pallet" and zoomed in on the left eye and it looks like our picture contains the message "Save Me". This is very interesting because last week, someone named Kyle converted the Hole2 picture to audio and sent us a NEW LINK to videos with unusual sounds. We thought he was crazy when he told us he thought it said "Save Me"...now he's got us wondering if he's onto something.

Have a look and a listen and decide for yourself...

Clue #45 - Persephone (13) MFI Update, War

There has been an update to the Mathematical Forecasting Initiative page on the Hanso website. In the bottom right, there is a new picture that says MFI Forecast Map. If you click on it, it takes you to a map of the world, with clickable pictures that give you information about the countries. Also, in the middle of Asia, there is a hidden link that says, written backwards, "She was an employee of the foundation".

Using information from the "CIA World Fact Book" fill in the following blanks:
  • In the USA, if you click the dollar sign, type 42,000 in the blank and hit enter, it begins to glow blue.
  • In Italy, if you click the syringe, type in 10.4 in the blank and then hit enter, it also begins to glow blue (and you quickly see a flash of the Dr. from Joop's pic).
  • In Sudan, click the person, type 2.55 in the blank and hit enter, it too begins to glow blue
  • A circle appears south of India. If you click that, it takes you to a letter from Peter Thompson, followed by a message from Persephone saying "The Hanso Foundation: Starting wars so you dont have to."
*Props to John Sarallo, Vince Delaney, MrInvisible, Cecilia/PandoraX, & JCS107 for cracking this clue first!

FYI: The Speaker (insidetheexperience.com), The Lost Ninja (Australia 7 Network), and the UK Blogger (UK Channel 4) are all working together in conjunction with game creators. The Lost Ninja has an anagram on his site right now but we're pretty sure it is only to tell Australian fans where they can pick up a copy of "Bad Twin". If you're in Sydney, stop by the Customs House on Friday during the "Japan Historical Photo Exhibition". Keep an eye on Ninja's site as he will soon be revealing a "password" question that you have to ask to prove that you're not with the Hanso Foundation so you can get a copy of the book. Aussie fans...let us know if there are any clues revealed at this event besides the handing out/selling of books.

P.S. New Podcast coming tomorrow...

Clue #44 - More Sublymonal & DJ Dan Stuff

The Sprite related site from Clue #29, sublymonal.com , has changed. It seems to be more soda marketing and less LOST but there may be some things worth finding.

To explore, use the following "passwords". The DJDan podcast is really the only thing TLE related:

Persephone general history of mythology
108 DJDan Podcast (Transcript in the Comments)
tongue lymonics language thing
spray button pushing "game"
embed screensaver download
listen & pulse Talib Kweli music ad (other sites linked)
bentley Fronzworth Bentley music ad (other sites linked)
scan shoes on ebay
whatthe? takes you to Lymonatrix movie
chill YouTube Video
defib YouTube Video
belly YouTube Video
gulp YouTube Video

*From Zeus & Kevin & Justin...

Clue #43 - Gary Troup Info (7) USA Today Ad from Hyperion

Thanks to Cindy, we found out that there's a half-page ad in today's USA Today about 'Bad Twin':

"The book the Hanso Foundation doesn't want you to read".

Dear Loyal Readers,

Since we were founded in 1991, Hyperion has published thousands of titles from hundreds of respected authors. Hyperion stands behind each and every one of these books with pride. We do not take accusations of libel lightly and certainly not when they mask an attempt to censor one of our authors.

The Hanso Foundation has lashed out at Gary Troup's book "Bad Twin." Before publication, this meticulously researched book was carefully vetted by our legal and research departments. All of Mr. Troup's claims about the Hanso Foundation have been verified as true.

Having failed to stop publication in the courts, the Hanso Foundation is now waging a PR campaign in your newspapers, offering no evidence to back up their wild claims of inaccuracy. If you want the truth, unfettered by Hanso Foundation propaganda, we encourage you to read "Bad Twin." The truth is in there in black and white.

Thank you and good reading,
Robert S. Miller
Hyperion Books

(Below the sig block there is just the Hyperion Books logo.)

Clue #42 - Jimmy Kimmel Interview with Hugh McIntyre

Just watched Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Hugh McIntyre.
HERE is a full transcript.

HERE IS THE VIDEO that Renee recorded and sent to us.
HERE IS THE SAME VIDEO at another location.

We had our opinion of this video up on this site overnight. Decided to take it down and save "opinions" for the podcast.

However, I laughed out loud when they talked about savejoop.com. Seems like that petition might have gotten Hugh a little nervous! Those savejoop.com guys deserve big props - I can't wait to have them on the podcast next week. Seriously, after Jimmy Kimmel gave them a shout out, everyone should support them by at least buying one t-shirt (my 10 have already been ordered). They even added a new Anti-Hanso shirt! That's all I'll say about that.

Share your thoughts in the comments and on the message board.

Clue #41 - Persephone (12) Inmate Asylum, Vandefield, Peck

She wants us to know more about the leadership at Hanso...

Within HansoCareers.com, Persephone has hidden another password. Look through the various job descriptions and write down all the grey letters. We found that they created an anagram that, when solved, spells "inmate asylum".

Now, this next step is VERY IMPORTANT. There is a secret link hidden at the bottom of the job descriptions. You must click that and be taken back to the Hanso Foundation website. As best we can tell, that should help any problems you might be having with the password.

Once on the Hanso site, click to the Board of Directors section and click on Vanderfield and/or Peck on the Hanso site. We think anything or nothing works for a login name.

This password opens up another classic Persephone hack. Read everything she says and click everything you can click...she is basically revealing to us more corruption within the Hanso Foundation...specifically dealing with Vanderfield, Peck, and Thompson.

*Interesting...Persephone left out all the n's & e's in her messages. Hmmm...

Clue #40 - Hanso Careers & 2 New Guys

What do you make of hansocareers.com? Powered by Monster.com. There is a link to this site on thehansofoundation.org (bottom of the page next to RSS). The question here is: What will we find on this new site? (see Clue #41 for the answer) P.S. While we found this site early, it was also advertised during the show.

There are also other recent changes to the Hanso Site (click "RSS" towards the bottom right of the page). We will try to keep an eye on any developments. Right click and choose "view page source" on THIS PAGE to see what we mean. The question here is: Who are Bill Flood & Sam Hicks?

*Props to Justin, David, Mike, Chad, Chris, Ricardo, etc

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 2

Lots of "Hole 2" ideas, Philadelphia & Montauk relevance, broad game/show connection theory, listener feedback, and more! We just wrapped up our second episode...we hope we're getting better.

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or download the file.
Click HERE if you're still having problems downloading.

Sorry that we can't afford mega-bandwidth. We're not making a dime on this thing. Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming. And remember, read first, comment second, be nice.

Clue #39 - Hugh McIntyre to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It was announced on last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and "the Speaker" over at insidetheepxerience.com is also reporting that Hugh McIntyre will appear as a guest on Wednesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. I'm assuming that many international fans do not get this show so we will do a full report and let you know what happens.

Here is what is says on Jimmy Kimmel's website:
Wednesday, May. 24: Actor/director Jon Favreau, Bass Champion Mike Iaconelli, Hugh McIntyre from the Hanso Foundation, Musical guests Elefant.

We're wondering how they are going to introduce Hugh as a character since they used stock photography (from gettyimages.com) for his photo on the Hanso website. Are they going to track that guy down and hire him as an actor or are they just going to expect us to play along with a different Hugh (like when they switch actors for the same character on a soap opera)?

For all of our INTERNATIONAL READERS...We have a faithful fan that is recording this episode and we will post the clip as soon as we get it.

Clue #38 - Persephone (11) Hole 2, Photo

Persephone posted another message at persephone.thehansofoundation.org . This time is just said "2". Since she was talking about mouse holes the other day, we tried this: hole2.thehansofoundation.org .

Who is it? Some have been saying Marvin Candle but we don't think so, do you? A new character? What do you think it means?

The Speaker over at "insidetheexperience" (i.e. the ABC mouthpiece) is being very mysterious about how we should "read" this picture. Who will be the first to "decode" it? Send us an email if you get it.

We just wanted to say "GOOD WORK" to everyone chatting in the comments and sending us emails. We've considered a lot of options and aren't completely sold on the legitimacy of anything just yet. Maybe Persephone will give us more on Tuesday. We're going to call it a night but will check back first thing in the morning. Remember to EMAIL if anything develops.

*Thanks Jim, Chris, Darla, Robyn, Matt, Jake, John, Alana, Oliver, Andrea, Danny (and more!) for helping with this clue.

Clue #37 - Persephone (10) Peter Thompson Busted!

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Sometimes clues and passwords on contingent upon the user completing previous steps. If you are having a problem with a password or clue, make sure you have "logged in" to the Hanso site in the newsletter section, followed instructions in previous clues, etc. If you get stuck, backtrack.

On to the clue...
Check out Peter Thompson's page in the Executive Bio Section...There are transparent letters flashing on his picture (see pic below). Look carefully (and quickly), the letters spell "survivor guilt"

There is an invisible field in which text can be entered under Peter Thompson's picture. Click on it and type "survivor guilt" and hit the enter key. Another Persephone hack! She takes you to a desk with papers on it. From there you learn about 3 events from Peter Thompson's past. Turns up more corruption. Hmmm...

See if you can find Persephone's message, "Don't believe his lies." Also look for DR. MARVIN CANDLE. For a peak at the screens, see the SCREEN CAPS page.

*Credit to Jonah, DH, Cory, Chris, Kris, Kendra, Matthew, Jesse, Ivan, Maria, Alex, James, Elaine, John, Courtney, Jake, I'm sorry...you get the idea (For those of you that had this an hour before we posted it...forgive us...and thank you for your patience...we're doing our best to keep the rest of our lives intact :) and still stay ahead of the game! )


I can't believe they did it! This isn't really a clue (we checked, definitely a fan site) but I just got an email about this and had to post it. This is genius. I mentioned wanting someone to make "Save Joop" t-shirts in the podcast and somebody ran with it!!! Everybody stop by this site, sign their petition, and have a good laugh checking out the t-shirt designs...If you listened to the podcast, it looks like I'm buying 10!

From Bearmico in the forums..."Maybe Persephone's code is not talking about missing organs, but missing orangs (AKA Joop has flown the coop or has been stolen by anti-Hanso operatives)"

If you look at the various pictures of "Joop" on the Hanso site, they are obviously different orangutans. Hmmmm...

Clue #36 - Persephone (9) Another Number Message

The hacker's at it again. We got a new message from Persephone at persephone.thehansofoundation.org. This one was really tricky....

106 103 157 162 235 45 122 202 39 122 26 39 162 218 222 151 42 39 142 87 168 186

*Thanks and shout out to Rita, Rod, Chris, James, Mohammed Ali, Leslie, and Lauren for noticing the change first and emailing.

The numbers are "base64 coded". If you head to http://www.paulschou.com/tools/xlate/ and enter the numbers into the "dec/char" box for ASCii, you get nonsense that comes up in the text translation box. But in the "base 64" box you get: amedoustesonehonotrelyonjleoug

So far this string has been anagrammed to:

a mouse does not rely on just one hole

(The "g" actually ends up being a coding error for "s" - Why is Persephone being so tricky?) According to Psytor, this is a phrase that is on the blast door map (The one only Locke got a look at in Season 2). It is also a direct quote from the Roman dramatist, Plautus. Click HERE to read more about him. Hmmm...

*credit to WeLoveCov, B!X, and Psytor

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 1

As if there wasn't enough going on with all the new clues and the season drawing to a close, we thought we'd go ahead and create the first ever podcast specifically for The Lost Experience followers. Tune in to hear our sometimes provocative "15 Thoughts in 15 Minutes".

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our first episode, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just download the file.

P.S. We know the recording quality could improve (a lot!)...we're not audio engineering pros, but we'll work on it. (If anyone in Dallas is a pro and wants to help produce the podcast - shoot us an email)

Clue #35 - Persephone (8) Hugh McIntyre Busted!

EDIT: If you are having trouble following these steps for yourself or if you're trying make sense of this, it might help to walk throug Clue #34 first and then re-login to the Hanso site (in the newsletter section) using "breaking strain" as your password.

Persephone's message before this one was "standby"(See Clue #33). Looks like she knew that she was going to be bringing the goods! Persephone is now trying to tell us something about Hugh McIntyre now...There has been a change to his Bio...and sooo much more!

Persephone displaced Hugh's picture with question marks and added a log in to his bio page.

found the password first next to Buddha (It is also found in several other places...Hey! If you haven't read Clue #34 yet, you should probably do that first before proceeding!). The password is "the mouthpiece".

We typed in "the mouthpiece" on Hugh McIntyre's bio. Click on "devoted to family values". See Persephone's message. Click on the picture and then the falling objects.

Enjoy the juicy tidbits of gossip Persephone shares with us about the so-called "family man".

Clue #34 - Persephone (7) ERI, Compass, Jeep

We've got another (sponsored) website with tons of information. Here's how we found it AND how the general public found it:

1. We noticed a change to the Hugh McIntyre Bio and the Electromagnetic Research Initiative page...We couldn't figure out the password for Hugh, so we started at the ERI page thinking maybe the hacker Persephone would hook us up. (From CHRIS) Make your mouse find the coordinates...

X: 629
Y: 291

Then we clicked on that exact location causing the screen to warp (thanks to another clever hack by Persephone), click the same spot again and it takes you to...www.letyourcompassguideyou.com .

1. Everyone else watched LOST and saw the Hanso Commercial (again) but this time it tells you explicitly to go to www.letyourcompassguideyou.com

The title of this new page is "permissum vestri complector rector vos" which is Latin and roughly translated it is: your permission to surround and guide you...or basically is says...let your compass guide you :)

Anyways, on that site you find a funky compass and feel really stupid after playing with the spinny thing when you realize that there is a link just to the right of the compass that you need to click.

On this parchment/compass drawing there are some small, seemingly out of place numbers printed on it next to 108. "DI9FFTR751". These numbers have also been seen on some Dharma issue materials on the show!

Check it out what you find:

Look around in all these files, there is plenty to see! (HERE IS A ZIP file with most of the important stuff) Why order so many Jeeps?

-Check Peter Thompson's inbox for a string of binary numbers. (From the Index of /usr, click pthompso/, click mail/, click INBOX, Copy and paste the link http://www.adcott.net/binary into your computer's Internet browser and Adcott's Binary Translator will load, Copy the binary code from the same email as the Adcott web address and paste it into the Binary box and hit decode, Voila! The password "THE MOUTH PIECE" appears)

-Keep an eye out for Buddha...he's also telling us the password. (Pssst...it's "the mouthpiece").

-Watch the jeep commercial from Hugh's inbox has a message at the end with the Dharma Logo. It reads ECHO ME UTEP HIT. Rearranged that turns into "The Mouth Piece"

There is lots of juicy info in here, check it out and we'll start a list of significant findings (anyone notice Peter Thompson's signature?)

Clue #33 - Persephone (6) "Stand By"

persephone.thehansofoundation.org has been updated. Persephone is still active!

115 116 97 110 100 98 121
Translation: "standby"

Be on the lookout on the Hanso Foundation website for another hack from Persephone. Send us emails if you notice any changes.

Clue #32 - Gary Troup Info (6) Parts 4-6 of the Videos

We've got Parts 4, 5 & 6 of the 9 part interview with "Bad Twin" author Gary Troup.

Click HERE first or HERE to see part 4 of 9.
Click HERE to see part 5 of 9.
Click HERE to see part 6 of 9.

Click HERE or HERE to see all 6 parts continuously.

In case you can't view these, here are the transcripts:

TRANSCRIPT for clip 4:
Book Talk
Show #: 1523
Guest: Gary Troup
Date: 16 Sept. 2004
Length: :41
Clip: 4 of 9

(Laird Granger = LG, Gary Troup = GT)

GT : ...and allegedly, now I emphasize allegedly, Alvar Hanso bought up all the avaliable copies and he bought the rights to reprint.
LG : Why would he do that?
GT : That's a good question.
LG : Your book was critical of him?
GT : No, but as I was doing my research I discovered that Alvar Hanso is the only guy in the world who has an actual copy of the Valenzetti equation. Now, despite repeated requests, I was categorically denied access to it. In fact, no one outside the Hanso Foundation has access to it.
LG : And what about inside the Hanso Foundation?
GT : From what I've been able to learn, even within the
(cut to color bars)

TRANSCRIPT for clip 5:
Book Talk
Show #: 1523
Guest: Gary Troup
Date: 16 Sept. 2004
Length: 36
Clip: 5 of 9

(Laird Granger = LG, Gary Troup = GT)

GT : Alright, from what I’ve been able to learn, even within the Hanso Foundation {the}, the Valenzetti equation is one of the most closely guarded secrets.
LG : That must have made it hard for you to write the book.
GT : Beyond that; look at every turn Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation, they tried to stop me from writing it. I mean for whatever reason, they want to keep Valenzetti and his work a secret, they don’t want the public to know anything about it… {Sigh} You know what; we’re here to talk about Bad Twin
LG : Sounds like you’ve got your next piece of non-fiction in the works here.
GT : Look, the Hanso Foundation promotes itself as
(cut to color bars)

TRANSCRIPT for clip 6:
Book Talk
Show #: 1523
Guest: Gary Troup
Date: 16 Sept. 2004
Length: 33
Clip: 6 of 9

Laird Granger = LG, Gary Troup = GT)

GT : The Hanso Foundation promotes itself as bettering humanity, {um} and that’s all I’m going to say about it right now, because I am going to be writing a book about this; and I tell you this, that as soon as people find out about what’s going on inside this huge, famous,supposedly benevolent foundation, it’s going to shock you.
LG : Tell me about Cindy.
GT : {laughs quietly} This isn’t going to air until after the book’s published, right?
LG : That’s right.
GT : Okay. Alright,well I, I’m an inveterate bachelor, I mean I never even thought about coming close
(cut to color bars)

Clue #31 - DJ Dan

Opinion of this blogger: The blog located at www.insidetheexperience.com is obviously an official ABC blog. It should be referred to often. However, while they will track all legitimate clues, they may also try to throw us off a little if they feel like we are getting too close (ABC has admitted to doing this in the past by posting "red herrings" annoymously in message boards & forums - A "red herring" is a fallacy/lie in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue).

The powers that be recently embedded the URL www.djdan.am/index.html into the source code of thehansofoundation.org and (coincidentally) "Speaker" at insidetheexperience.com was the first to notice.

The DJ Dan website is about conspiracy theory and references Alvar Hanso, the Dharma symbol on the shark, Persephone, Joop, and something about Alvar being cryogenically frozen in Pheonix. DJ Dan is anti-Hanso for sure.

Looks like the site was created only recently and made to look (and sound) like it has been around awhile and has a huge following. Read it and listen to the podcast. Interesting, but not sure what it really means (if anything). If it is a legit ABC clue, it tells us a lot....like I said earlier, probably a "red herring".

Gary Troup Info (5) Thorough Insights for "BAD TWIN"

With all the back-and-forth between Hyperion & Hanso, we feel that it is necessary to delve a little deeper into "Bad Twin". We've gotten some very detailed reviews and astute observations from various readers and now have for you a very thorough summary of key points which we will be publishing in PDF format. CLICK HERE

Clue #30 - Gary Troup Info (4) Displeasure with BAD TWIN

A new letter was found in the right hand "news" column on thehansofoundation.org website. Click HERE to see a letter from Hugh McIntyre to Hyperion Books. HERE is the parent directory in which the letter was contained. The letter is found in the "Paris" folder but there is also an empty (for now) folder for "London".

*Thanks to Deanna, Matt, Courtney, Robert, & Choff for noticing first.

Boy, they sure are trying to think of ways to get us to buy that book! If you don't want to pony up the cash or take the time to read. See the post above this one for a thorough summary of pertinant info or check out Clue #25 and Clue #19 . They should tell you all you need to know.

Both the Persephone & Bad Twin plotlines are revealing corruption and instability in the Hanso Foundation. Clear causes and effects have yet to be clearly articulated. We are left to continue with our best guessing...

Added a "Screen Caps Only" Page

We decided to add a "Screen Caps Only" blog to our little family of blogs. We won't pretend that we will be able to keep it in chronological order but you should be able to find what you're looking for. Please send us screen caps related to "The Lost Experience" as you get them.

We fixed our feed! You should now be able to subscribe to this blog.

Week One Complete Summary!

Just joining the game? Confused? CLICK HERE for a complete week one summary of The Lost Experience. You can send this to your friends to get them caught up.

Clue #29 - Persephone (5) Mittelwerk, Sublymonal, Heir Apparent

Remember the Sprite commercial in the phone message? Some changes on the Hanso Foundation site (mainly, the clock changed to OB:EY and turned into a link) and also another commercial that aired during "the bird flu" movie & an episode of LOST, leads us clue seekers to a Sprite related AD that ties in to LOST through a link to the website: http://sublymonal.com/ .

Go to sublymonal.com. You have to click the monitors using the LOST numbers, 4 times, 8 times, 15 times, 16 times, 23 times, 42 times. It then unlocks a message: "code: Heir Apparent" with a link to thehansofoundation.org.

When you go back to thf.org site and click Thomas Mittelwerk's picture in the Executive Bios section. Type in "heir apparent" into the box. Here is what happens:

The screen "melts"
You see a door. A blonde woman stands with her back to us.
When you click, she turns around.

Cal Tech records appear with a shadow. Click the words above the red underline.

"Caltech has no record of this guy in their alumni database. He's never made a tuition payment. Does he even have a college degree? Why does he call himself a doctor? Of what. Who is this clown?"

Under the red stuff it says "Gary Troup knows too much"
Under the blue stuff it says
"he must be silened (or silencd)" (not silenced)

The red & blue stuff has changed. What you see above is what was there originally. This is why we have to work together in case some of us miss stuff! The creators of the Lost Experience are doing this intentionally - they want us to foster community.

*Thanks to David, John, Troy, Josh, Cool Man, and others who contributed quickly.

Clue #28 - Gary Troup Info (3) Newspaper Ad & Response

The Hanso Foundation bought AD space in several metropolitan newspapers across the US. Jennifer in Boston was first to notice and send me an email. I've heard it's in the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Philadelphia DailyNews, New York, Washington, and Dallas (and I'm sure other places). Here is what the AD said:

A message From Hugh McIntyre, Director of Communications at the Hanso Foundation

Don't Believe "Bad Twin"

For over thirty years, The Hanso Foundation has stood for compassion and innovation, but today, our reputation has been attacked in the novel "Bad Twin," written by Gary Troup and published by Hyperion books.

Throughout the pages of "Bad Twin" readers have found numerous passages featuring misinformation about the Hanso Foundation and its partners. The Hanso Foundation strongly objects to the book "Bad Twin," and encourages readers to make up their own minds.

The truth about the Hanso Foundation is available at www.TheHansoFoundation.org and not on the pages of Gary Troup's "Bad Twin".

Experience it for yourself.

Thank you, and namaste.
Hanso Foundation, Reaching Out to a Better Tomorrow

See posts & comments below in Clue #25 & Clue #19 for more info on Gary Troup & his "BAD TWIN" novel.

EDIT: Added 5/10
On http://www.garytroup.net/splash.htm

We have received many calls and e-mails asking about the recent advertising campaign done by the Hanso Foundation about our recent publication of BAD TWIN. While we can't respond to you individually on this matter, please know that this issue is of great concern to us,and we are investigating what actions we should or shouldn't take in relation to this complaint. Meanwhile, thank you for your attention and consideration.

See the same thing on HYPERION BOOKS website

Clue #27 - Persephone (4) Whose Running This Place?

If you login and go to Executive Bios and click on "October 28, 2003" underneath the picture of Alvar Hanso, it takes you through a series of links. Here is what Persephone tells us:

Persephone: "Notice the grainy far away picture? It doesn't match anyone else.

Then it takes you to a global map which shows Alvar's last known public appearances in London (14.06.2000), Copenhagen (12.11.2000), Paris (23.02.2001), Geneva (12.07.2001), Rome (18.09.2001), back to Geneva and Copenhagen, then to somewhere off the map, then back to Copehnagen(01.01.2001),. His trip ends in Madrid(31.12.2002) on December 31, 2002

Persephone: "This is the last record I found of any public appearance of Alvar Hanso. The man hasn't been seen in public since 2002!!! Is he hiding? Alvar Hanso was never there. Whose running this place anyway?"

Wait for the green dot... it sounds like morse code.

SAFE G other ideas SAFER, SAFE 9, SAFE M, SAVE ME (See Clue #45)

Is this correct? What does this mean? Also, looking at the dates, does anyone else think they made a mistake with the 01.01.2001 date? Did they mean to do 2002 or is Alvar traveling through time?

Also, read the phone transcript on Clue #7 again (option 2). It sounds like Persephone interrupting asking "What have they done with him?"

Clue #26 - Insights from Pictures of Execs & Board

On May 8, Persephone mentioned the grainy picture of Alvar Hanso. She noticed that it is different than the others. Here is a thought provoking insight from Jenna: "Almost all of the pictures on (thehansofoundation.org) website are stock photos you can purchase anywhere on the web. Curiously, and a bit intriguing, is that the in the Executive Bios section, the only two photos that are not stock photography is the Alvar Hanso photo (of course), and Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk . To me, that indicates that Mittlewerk may soon be a real character on the show (or at least involved elsewhere in the game). The rest definitely look like stock photography."

EDIT: Ha!Ha! Jenna was right! Jacob Vanderfield, Lawrence Peck, Peter Thompson, Hugh McIntyre, Dick Cheever, and even the guy behind Joop were all found in Getty Images. Sorry I can't link to them, but trust me. That was fun! Liddy Wales is still a question mark.

Clue #25 - Gary Troup Info (2) BAD TWIN Overview

Click HERE for a post on another site with a good summary/review of the novel. Don't know if there is much relevant to the game here. Click HERE for our thorough summary.

From Molly, here is the only reference to Hanso...
"In the book, two characters have a conversation about The Hanso Foundation, specifically THF's seat on the board of Widmore. Seems Alvar is gone (from the board) and replaced with Mittelwerk (who one of the characters calls "Mudworm"). The same character says Mittelwerk "is sneaky. I much preferred having Alvar on the board. Alvar is a gentleman".

He also says Mittelwerk has "everything but morals. Everything but a conscience" to which the other person answers, " And who's Alvar? Jiminy Cricket?" That's the only really interesting passage in the book dealing the Hanso or THF"

Clue #24 - Persephone (3) New Numbers, Message

Courtesy of Steve (1st) and others that said similiar. It looks like Persephone can tell if we get confused by one of her messages:

"New numbers on the persphone site equate to HAS WIN HOST PC IN NIL URGE. 8, not 1 and 6. (Not my doing) Rearanging the letters I get the following, that seems better than most that seems to be going around.

SIGN IN WITH HANSO PR CLUE. 8, not 1 and 6.

I think the 8, not 1 and 6 is to clarify a confusion with the last message that the Message should be Log in at THF.org May 8 This safe for now, instead of May 1 or May 6th.

Clue #23 - We Think Persephone = Rachel

From Andy on 5/6:

"I've reverse engineered all of the shockwave files and extracted code from them...and...

There is one thing I have learned that seems important: in the source for the letters section, they reference the red text that is printed "The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority." with the name "RACHEL." This could mean that we will see the name Rachel pop up sometime in the future, either as Persephone's real name or another hacker of the site. I encourage everyone therefore to keep an eye out for the name Rachel on Lost."

5/8 email from Andy:

"So, while I was waiting for the major May 8th update and obsessively checking the last-modified dates of each of the swf files, I noticed that Joop_2.swf was modified this morning (the file that deals with the letters and whatnot). I took a look at the file and noticed nothing
different, so I downloaded it and looked through the code.

It turns out that the ABC people must have seen your post regarding my info on Rachel, because they've renamed the function in the script so the word Rachel isn't there anymore. Apparently, they didn't want us to know the name yet, and it was important enough to conceal that upon finding that they'd left the name in there and I'd found it/you posted it, they promptly stripped it out.

So, it's not much, but it's an update - and it shows that ABC is watching you."

Everyone needs to give due KUDO'S to my man Andy! It looks like he may have given us a cool sneak peak at what is to come...

Clue #22 - Persephone (2) She Speaks in Code

Just a white page with numbers. Some of our contributers decoded the numbers to say:

"Log in at THF.org May 1 This is safe for now"

NOTICE: We're pretty sure that www.thf.org is NOT in-game. Most people are saying that Persephone was just abbreviating (THF.org clearly refers to thehansofoundation.org). Many have contacted THF/Dreyfus, they are getting a little annoyed.

Who is Persephone? Persephone is a hacker with a motive. What's her motive? THIS IS THE GAME!

FYI: Your Posts Are Getting Famous

Haven't mentioned this yet, but we're up to 78,000 hits.

Click HERE to read a complimentary article from the LA Times that mentions this website 3 times. They even quoted one of the posts you sent. PDF version here in case the link goes bad.

We were also mentioned in the Dallas Morning News and on the LostCasts podcast.

Clue #21 - 3rd Official Hanso Press Release

Another HANSO PRESS RELEASE from thehansofoundation.org
Hugh McIntyre gives out his email & phone #! What a great guy!

Oddly, the press release says that the release date is 5/6, but whatever. In summary it explains that there has been a security breach of the website, but that no one's data has been compromised. There is also a secret link at the bottom of the letter than if clicked will sent you to a website. To my knowledge, no one has heard back from trying to contact Mr. McIntyre either by phone or by email.

Phone Number: (206) 861.5017
Email: Hugh.McInTyre@hansofoundation.org
Hidden Link: http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org/

There was a random video on the Hanso site for just a few hours.
HERE we go! Video with SOUND!
or HERE! Pointless hack/hoax?

About Us - NOT part of the game

Check out our new commercial! (quicktime)

We also put it on youtube.com. Click HERE for the youtube video.
YOUTUBE is great if you want to spread the word via email or by embedding the video in your website, blog, favorite forum, or myspace page.

Alternate Links to Commercial:
Link 2 (windows media)
Link 3 (windows media)
Link 4 (quicktime)

Visit storiesofthelost.com to find out more about the administrators of this blog. Lot's of people have been wondering why we are going to all the trouble of maintaining this site. We do it because YOU matter to us...because we care about more than a game.

Each of our lives is about more than a TV show or a game. As administrators, we wanted you to know what the most important things in life are to us. Don't worry...we still care about the game too!

Clue #20 - 2nd Official Hanso Foundation Press Release

Wow. I received THIS PRESS RELEASE over email. I haven't seen it on any media outlets yet but it is from Hugh McIntyre again (See Clue #4 for the first press release). How cool is this! It looks like the Hanso Foundation has made this a "preferred site" or maybe they consider us "press". Whoever sent us this email...Thanks!

Clue #19 - Gary Troup Info (1)

Gary Troup's book "Bad Twin" is available through the iTunes music store and Audible.com. Gary Troup was a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815. Before the plane went down, he recorded a 9 part interview about the book "Bad Twin".

See clues 25 & 32 for more Gary Troup updates.

Here are the TRANSCRIPTS 1st 3 of 9.

Clip1 http://www.videodetective.net/player...inkid=67434 6 Found on Barnes and Nobel page, scroll down until you see the bad twin picture, there is a link beside it that says "See an exclusive video clip"

Clip2 http://e.bordersstores.com/a/hBEWXsZ...W22RU/troupwmv This clip was found in a link in a Border's Reward e-mail

Clip3 http://mfile.akamai.com/17650/wmv/am...p_new_384K.asx first find from Amazon.com

Note: Gary Troup has a website at http://www.garytroupbooks.com/ .

Clue #18 - October 28th, Philadelphia Experiment

We've gotten enough emails about this, that it is worth posting. Seems to be taking us away from the Persephone/Hanso Site plotline but you may find it interesting and it may be helpful down the road:

Dave summed it up best in his email:

"(On thehansofoundation.org site) In Active Projects / Electromagnetic Research Initiative there is a picture with the caption "Early Morning Hours of October 28, 2001. The photo is of the northern lights. A google search of October 28 2001 will get you a first result of a NASA page with photos of the northern lights acting up on that day. The Photo of Alvar Hanso is captioned as being taken on October 28, 2003 at a humanitarian or diplomatic venture. A google search of that date brings up a presidential press conference and then a NASA page on a Solar Storm. Just interesting or clues to something?"

This could also lead us towards some interesting theories about The Philadelphia Experiment...hmmm.

Thanks Dave & everyone else for emails about this.

Clue #17 - Related Websites

We keep getting a lot of email about websites. We've done our homework. We totally could be wrong and would love to know what you think. In the end, you can never really know for sure.

We are going to post these websites so people will maybe stop emailing us about them. We'll update you if we find out some are legitimate and contain clues related to The Lost Experience.

HERE is the info on domain name registrations that helped us make these classifications.

Our New Favorite Fan Site

Possibly Helpful Now or Later (Confirmed In-Game)
www.sublymonal.com (Sprite)
www.letyourcompassguideyou.com (Jeep)
www.hansocareers.com (Monster)
www.retrieversoftruth.com (Verizon)
www.broadbandstories.com (Verizon)
www.richerdeeperbroader.com (Verizon)
Mandrake Wig's MySpace Page (Verizon)
Mandrake Wig's Flickr Page (Verizon)


Doing the Same Thing We're Doing (Blogging)
Inside the Experience (Official ABC)
UK Channel 4 Blog
AUS Channel 7 Blog (The Lost Ninja)
Dallas Channel 8 Blog

Other Sites of Interest (Questionable/Not Recommended)
About Valenzetti (from Wikipedia)

The Fuselage
The Tail Section
The Black Rock
Interactive Game Reference Thread

Binary/ASCII Translator

There are others but these are the most common ones. If you like our site, direct people here.
We are trying to gain a network in myspace...if you have a profile, please add www.myspace.com/thelostexperienceclues

Clue #15 - A Monster.com Job Posting?

Below is the site of a fellow LOST fan who is trying to keep up with the Lost Experience. Among other things, he has some interesting thoughts on a Monster.com job posting possibly related to Hanso. He actually has screen caps of the job posting. We've looked at it closely and it seems to be a solid clue (or at least) tease from the Hanso Foundation.

If you missed it, this is important because Monster.com was advertised in the phone message clue.


Clue #11 - The Significance of "Persephone"

Interesting to note:
You must catch up on thehansofoundation.org stuff for this to matter...Persephone is involved in both the phone clue and website clues.

Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Zeus: king of the Greek gods. Demeter: earth goddess, fertility goddess, goddess of planned society. Check out wikipedia's info on Persephone if you're curious to know more. Persephone spends six months on earth each year and 6 in hades due to eating six pomegranite seeds while in hades.

See Clue #23 for our theory on Persephone's real name being "Rachel"

Clue #10 - WWPDP Section: "Missing Organs"

We received the following email: "If you go to Active Projects, World Wellness and Prevention Development Program, and then click on the 'world map' option at the top. (all on thehansofoundation.org site)

A map of the world then appears. If you float the mouse between Africa and North America, the mouse arrow turns to a pointing hand and you can click it (i presume this is where they supposed to have crashed). If you then float the mouse under the boxes on the left, some weird looking text appears." See the images below to see what our email friend is talking about:

Image 1
Image 2

After looking at Image 2, consider the following and pack it up as a big clue:
If you let A=1, B=2, etc.

13=M, 9=I, 19=S, 19=S, 9=I, 14=N, 7=G, 15=O, 18=R, 7=G, 1=A, 14=N, 19=MISSING ORGANS

Keep this little nugget of knowledge locked away for later....

Clue #7 - The Phone Call Transcript

This is awesome. You must read this in conjunction with knowledge from the previous clues. This is a COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of the ORIGINAL Hanso Foundation phone message:

Phone Number: (206) 861-5017
I heard: "The mailbox belonging to HUGH MCINTYRE, Hanso Foundation, is full and cannot accept new messages at this time. To page this person, press 5 now or please try again later. Goodbye" Someone else recorded THIS

Phone Number: (877) 426-7674

After a general message, you are offered five options (Audio compliments of thetailsection.com):
1. General
2. Alvar Hanso
3. Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk
4. Hugh McIntyre
5. Peter Thompson

Option 1 – General Audio: http://www.thetailsection.com/hanso.option.one.mp3


Translation: That's all for me tonight. And stay tuned for some news followed by Classic rock from the 60s and 70s including an exclusive recordning by Geronimo Jackson's first complete album Magna Carta. Right after some words from our sponsor.

MUSIC: New York Streets


WOMAN’S VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service.

WOMAN’S VOICE: The Hanso foundation is located at 544 Persand Klingbai (?) DK 1604…


WOMAN’S VOICE: If you can hear me don’t listen to their lies. This is Persephone. I haven’t got much time, none us do. If you want to know the truth about the Hanso foundation, the real story is in the number. A lie (line) pulled tight enough will always snap under the breaking strain. Use this password on their site… BREAKING STRAIN! They’re coming!

Option 2 – Alvar Hanso Audio: http://www.thetailsection.com/hanso.option.two.mp3


Translation: If you stay for a little while longer we'll be right back with side A from Jeronimo Jackson's Magna Carta right after these words from our sponsor.



WOMAN’S VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service.

WOMAN’S VOICE: You’ve reached the Offices of Alvar Hanso President and CEO of Hanso Foundantion


WOMAN’S VOICE (ECHOING): Where is Alvar Hanso? What have they done with him? Who is in charge here…


WOMAN’S VOICE: Welcome to the Hanso Foundation

Option 3 – Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk Audio: http://www.thetailsection.com/hanso.option.three.mp3


Translation: You just heard side A of Jeronimo Jackson's classical album Magna Carta. We will be right back with side B after these messages.



WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service.

MALE VOICE: You’ve reached the office of Dr. Thomas Vernon Mittelwerk, Sr. VP, COO, and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation. I will be unreachable for the next three weeks. However, for those employees Paik-Heavey Industries, and Widmore Corp. engaged in active projects, I will be continuously updating the confidential information line. Please refer to your project manual for hotline access instructions. Thank You and Namaste.


Option 4 – Hugh McIntyre Audio: http://www.thetailsection.com/hanso.option.four.mp3


Translation: If you stay a little while longer you'll get some more uninterrupted music after these words from our sponsor.

MUSIC: New York Streets


WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verizon’s voice messaging service

MAN’S VOICE, US ACCENT: Hi this is Hugh Macintyre, VP of Communication and director of the Hanso foundation, I will return to the office in two weeks. If you are calling about the inquiry into our Korean offshore project please hang up and contact our legal department. To hear more info about Joop, the world’s oldest orangutan, please refer to our web site at www.thehansofoundation.org. Thank you and Namaste


MESSAGE 1: MALE VOICE NORTHERN EUROPEAN ACCENT: Hugh. Thomas. Just got the changes. Good work… we should go ahead and rename the accelerated remote viewing training facilities as well. We should try to put a public face on all this. Call me

MESSAGE 2: WOMAN’S VOICE, SCOTTISH ACCENT: Hugh its Darla. I need to talk to you about Sri Lanka. This just isn’t right.

Option 5 – Peter Thompson Audio: http://www.thetailsection.com/hanso.option.five.mp3

Translation: ... news and the weather forecast after these messages.


WOMANS VOICE: Welcome to Verison’s voice messaging service

WOMANS VOICE, US ACCENT: "Hello. You have reached the office of Peter Thompson, VP General Council and Secretary of the Hanso foundation. Mr. Thompson is not available to take your calls. If this is regarding the inquiry into Korean offshore project we must regretfully decline to comment....."


ANGRY MAN, US ACCENT: "Give me the phone Ireen. Give me it. This is Peter Thompson. As chief legal officer, I would like to remind you that to make threats against me and my colleagues, or any representative of the Widmore Corp. or Paik-Heavy Industries then these acts are criminal. Make no mistake - we will locate and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law! That’s a promise. Namaste"

Clue #6 - Persephone (1 cont'd) Letters, Message

The latest on The Hanso Foundation Website...

Click the "Send a Message to Joop" link, enter "breaking strain" as your message. This was mentioned in the previous clue. You need to do the newsletter login first (see post below). You're taken to a flash puzzle, click the circles, although if you just wait they will cycle automatically, there will be two each time. After 3 or 4 times of this you will get a red circle, click it to read the "Global Welfare Consortium Memo". At the bottom click on the signature to be taken to the next memo, again mouse around to read and at the bottom click again on the signature to receive a message stating "The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority." Click the message to be taken back to Joops Corner.


Letter 1
(Dated September 19, 2005)
Letter 2
(Dated September 25, 2005)
Red Memo
(looks different on the Hanso site but says the same thing)

On a messageboard sdrawcabton88 made the following observation/interpretation of the letters:

"The first letter is from the director general of the Global Welfare Consortium, Jacques Maillot. It is sent to the Clinical Director of Centers for Disease Control. It basically says that there is a deadly disease that broke out near one of the Hanso Foundations research places. The GWC suspects the Hanso Foundation being responsible for releasing this disease. They have asked the Hanso Foundation themselves to see their lab, results, and experiments, but gotten nowhere with them, because they just ignore the request. Wanting some more authority to intervene, they ask the CDC for help.

Six days later, another letter from GWC is sent to the CDC, but this time apologizing for the way they reacted. They said that the Hanso Foundation is now being very cooperative, and no signs of them being responsible for the outbreak are evident.

The wierd thing is, this letter is from a NEW Director General, Peter Thompson. Peter thompson works for the Hanso Foundation (look on the site, in exec bios)

Thus is my theory:

The Hanso Foundation is not as friendly as it appears, and they DID release that disease. To cover it up, the killed/got rid of/kidnapped/replaced the heirarchy of the GWC, so their operations could continue to operate smoothly...."

This may explain what it means when we read the message from Persephone that the Hanso Foundation is setting world speed records for "subverting authority".

Click HERE to read up on Meningitis.
Click HERE to read up on Tanzania.

Its also been noted that there seems to be an image of a person imposed over Joop in the live webcam, HERE is a link to a site that has either a clue or just something cool.

Clue #5 - Persephone (1) Newsletter, Joop, Breaking Strain

Go to the Hanso Foundation website and use the password "breaking strain" for the"Newsletter (sign up) and "Send Joop a Message" in Joop's Corner...see what happens (make sure your speakers are turned up for the dramatic effect).

Interested in (part of) the meaning of "breaking strain", click HERE to appreciate the brilliance. It is a reference to a Rudyard Kipling poem.

Where did we get "breaking strain"? Read the phone call transcript from Clue #7.

Clue #4 - 1st Official Hanso Press Release

We found the Hanso Foundation Press Release.

Don't know if the media has picked it up yet, but this is really interesting stuff. I'm sure there are a lot of clues on thehansofoundation.org site. The press release is cool, but we are going to focus on the website and whatever clue we get during the episode/commercial breaks.

Send us emails with SOLID clues for "The Lost Exprience" game or post comments on this blog.

Clue #3 - The Website You Must Explore

The hansofoundation.org is up. This will no doubt prove to be a very deep well of clues. This opens up a whole new world for Lost fans!

We recieved the following email with no attachment. I'm not sure if this is a joke or real but it was from an email address ending in "thehansofoundation.org".

Here is all it said:

Please see attached release.

Kind Regards,
Hugh McIntyre
Director, Communications
The Hanso Foundation

Clue #2 - Direct Communication From Hanso Foundation!

Here is what we've been sent today:

We got a note - not sure if this is real or not - from Hugh McIntyre, Director of Communications from the Hanso Foundation saying the website was going back up (on May 2) and that there is a new advertising campaign. This makes sense - ABC's been saying that the first clue would/could happen during commercial breaks in the show May 3rd.

I've got a lot of people that are eager to explore the new website. Check our blog for updates.

We're looking for a press release that someone told us that Hanso will be releasing in conjunction with their website. We'll post as soon as we find it.

In case you're confused about the Lost Experience game. We're basically looking into the background of The Hanso Foundation. They are a group that funded the Dharma Initiative...the guys that made all the hatches on the island. This game (masterminded by the creators/writers/producers of Lost) will give us clues into some of the mysteries things going on in Lost. They game will probably last months.

Remeber this video...

Clue #1 - Origin of the Game

The game's first clue will air during a May 3 episode in the United States (May 2 in the UK and May 6 in Australia). We will be given a toll free number to call.

The number will be given during a commercial break so we'll have to be careful fast forwarding our TiVos. Not sure if the number will be on the iTunes episode or streaming ABC episode.

The number will give us the voicemail for the Hanso Foundation.

An official Hanso Foundation press release will go out on Tuesday morning May 2. This may or may not contain extra clues.