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Clue #88 - Fragment Code "vix7zxt97"

In the newest Official Lost Podcast there is an interruption in the middle (around 27:52) in which the new fragment code, "vix7zxt97" is revealed. Entering this code at hansoexposed.com reveals another video of Mr. Beardy saying "Why all the security, all the secrecy? The answer is simple."

*Check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Thanks to Christopher, Peter, Mike the Canuck, John, Jeremy, Chompy, illuminarok

Since his ground-breaking interview with Rachel Blake, we've been keeping an eye on Jeff "Doc" Jensen over at Entertainment Weekly. Thought we'd let everyone know that he has gone public today with his latest theory about how the whole Lost Experience will turn out. HERE is a link if you'd like to check it out!

Clue # 87 - Fragment Codes Codes "7Ti" & "RXMHJH9Y"

Fragment Code "7Ti" was found in the USA version of The Lost Magazine, page 34, issue 6. The video fragment is of Mr. Beardy saying: "In a few weeks, after your induction counseling and survival training, you and your collegues will be shipped to a top secret facility..."

Fragment Code "RXMHJH9Y" was found in the UK version of The Lost Magazine, page 34, issue 6. The video fragment is of Mr. Beardy Saying: "His/These results are chilling(?) and attention must be payed..."

*Check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Thanks to Marky, Midnight Ace, ScottyBoy, MD1500, experimentalfilm, tiggerboots14, crossfade, and all the others that emailed us the info....way too many to mention!!

Clue #86 - Fragment Code "RGMR"

"RGMR" was found over in the United Kingdom! If you go to "The Other Girl's" Blog, and read her post entitled, "I've got a secret - and I'm sharing it with you!" it leads you to search through SlashMusic to find a new band called "Rachel Blake and the Hansos". That band's page hosts the new glyph and the new code. The video fragment is of Mr. Beardy saying, "Although the equation has been buried by those who commissioned it..."

*Check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Thanks to Deal135, PowerSlave73, DazzedElf, MegHeard, and ScaryMonsterrrr for being the first to email us on this new codes.

Clue #85 - Fragment Code "ZY6C"

Fragment code "ZY6C" has been found over at Speakers Blog. Navigate your way to his Week 3 Roundup and click on the infamous "Hole2" image and you'll see the newest glyph. Plug in the code at hansoexposed.com to see the latest fragment which contains screen text reading "DHARMA ORIENTATION".

*Check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Thanks to Sean and Marigumi for being the first to email us.

Clue # 84 - Fragment Codes "M6XY398" & "3ZGT" & RoT Update

Fragment Codes
Over at The Lost Ninja's Blog our next glyph fragment code has been found. "M6XY398" is of Mr. Beardy saying, "After the Cuban missile crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. The result..." The next code, "3ZGT" was found on a page at The Fuselage . The transcript of this one reads, "The precise location of the facility is known only to myself."

*See Clues 77-80 for more info on glyphs, fragment codes, and hansoexposed.com or check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Retrievers of Truth
The RoT guys updated their page and BroadBandBeatnik is back and was also at Comic Con and has this picture from the show.

Thanks to Lavenda, DazzedElf, Lost Soul, Pilferk and Sid for being the first to e-mail us this update.

Clue #83 - Fragment Codes "XIGZ2Y10S2", "GMX18BCJ", "4KVKLAYDM0" & the EW Interview with Rachel Blake

Latest Fragment Codes
The first fragment code, "XIGZ2Y10S2" is found on Rachel Blake's web page. And is of Mr. Beardy saying "In 1962, only [distorted] years ago, the world came to the brink of nuclear war. The United States and the Soviet Union almost fulfilled the promise of mutual assured destruction, a promise they continured to foster through a destructive cold war." The pictures are various pictures from the 1960s. A nuclear bomb, JFK, the Pope, Airplanes Etc.

The second fragment code, "GMX18BCJ" is found in the DJ Dan links section. And is Mr. Beardy in an office saying "If you are watching this film, you already know and have worked with Gerald and Karen DeGroot".

Today's third fragment code, "4KVKLAYDM0" is found on Lostpedia, originally mentioned on Speaker's Blog posted in the comments. Not sure who. Mr. Beardy looks to our left, then turns to face the screen and says "I" or "I'm". It seems to be the beginning of the orientation film.

*See Clues 77-80 for more info on glyphs, fragment codes, and hansoexposed.com 0r check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Entertainment Weekly Interview
Jeff "Doc" Jensen got an exclusive interview, Rachel Blake Speaks! and has an amusing & somewhat enlightening conversation with her. Way to go Doc!!!

Thanks to Phil, Cubeberg, Superdifey and Sid to being the first of many to email us with this latest update.

Clue #82 - Rachel Blake's "Catch Up With the Truth" Post & a Press Release from ABC

Rachel updated her Blog today with a post entitled "Catch Up With the Truth". This is a great way to catch up with all that has transpired in The Lost Experience. We also received a heads up from Matt The Pale about an ABC press release about the content and timing of The Lost Experience. Along with other juicy pieces of information, it seems that there are to be 5 phases to the game instead of 3. Check it out!

Thanks to Celine for being the first to e-mail us with this update.

Clue #81 - Entertainment Weekly Scoop & Fragment Codes "3GTVI0M11" & "IG3X"

We've been hearing a lot from Jeff "Doc" Jensen lately about The Lost Experience. His latest article contains a new glyph but the fragment code doesn't seem to work (yet?) at hansoexposed.com. He also teases something big on Wednesday. My prediction...stay tuned to ew.com tomorrow for an interview with Rachel Blake.

The code from the article is "3GTVI0M11." Which is of the bearded guy explaining the DHARMA Initiative. Check out Clue #50 to see what it stands for if you are new or have forgotten. Also, make sure you use the number "0" and not the letter "O" when entering this new code.

Another code turned up on the Official UK Podcast. It is "IG3X." The video for this code contains a screen reading "©1975 THE HANSO FOUNDATION."

Thanks to Midnight Ace for the heads up. Thanks to Sweetscrapper for being the first to email us that the code now works and the many folks in the chat room that also gave the heads up. Thanks to DJ Hayes and Dan for emailing us the next fragment code.

*See Clues 77-80 for more info on glyphs, fragment codes, and hansoexposed.com Or check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Clue #80 - Fragment Codes "fvh7n", "88ch", "1EY8AZCZNA2", & "VDADOS7YREO"

Before days end on Monday, we saw 4 more fragment codes revealed. These codes are to be used on hansoexposed.com (See Twinkle's HansoExposed.com Handbook for assistance).

First, insidetheexperience.com was updated by Speaker with a "Catch-Up for Noobs" post. In his post there were several mock pictures of Speaker but the 3rd from the bottom was a negative image of him (white face, black glasses). Clicking that image gave us our next glyph/fragment code, "fvh7n". The video was Mr. Beardy saying "Thank you and namaste."

Next, Lost Ninja posted with the title "Got Glyphs" revealing 3 more glyphs/fragment codes. Code "88ch" gives us a video of Mr. Beardy saying, "Commissioned under the highest secrecy through the U.N. Security Council..." Code "1EY8AZCZNA2" gives us a video of Mr. Beardy saying, "The DeGroots, the few high-ranking members of my organization." Finally, code "VDADOS7YRE0" gives us a video of Mittlwerk saying, "I just want to tell all of you that I trust you to do what is best."

Thanks to John, Uncaged, Jessi, Matt the Pale, Sean, baseballfrk89, Joel, and Stephen for being the first to email us about these codes.

*As always, check out Matt the Pale's summary of all the found fragment codes at...Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Clue #79 - Fragment Codes "ohge" & "748L"

Code "ohge" was seen on Jorge Garcia's wristband at the San Diego Comic-Con Convention. Speaker at insidetheexperience.com posted some amazing clear pics. The video fragment is a screen reading "THE DHARMA INITIATIVE Copyright 1975 The Hanso Foundation."

Code "748L" was posted on Monday, July 24th, 11:42 AM on Rachel's Blog. The video fragment is more Mittlewerk saying, "You know it by heart. Don't waver."

Thanks to Kenneth, Ali, JennK_68, Christiana, gin*grl, Gavin, MidnightAce, Donn, & Matt for being the first to email us about these new codes!

*See a summary of all the found fragment codes at...
Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

*Having Troubles with hansoexposed.com? Twinkle put together a great walk-through...HansoExposed.com Handbook

Clue #78 - Fragment Code "4ho"

We were told that Damon Lindelof was wearing a rather large bracelet at Comic Con that had the characters "4ho" on it. Turns out that this is one of the fragment codes for HansoExposed.com. The video is of Mittlewerk saying, "We have done our level best and yet..."

Thanks to Sam, Jonah, K.Barrick, and John for being the first to email us this code.

*Note:As we find new fragment codes, we will simply post them in this format. This could possibly mean quicker posts and shorter comments threads. Matt the Pale has volunteered to keep a running list of codes for everyone to view all in one space. We know others are doing this but we are leaning on Matt the Pale for 2 reasons: 1)Speed. His page loads much faster than, say, LostPedia or blogs because he uses bare coding to write it. 2)Permanency. LostPedia often goes down, but his websites hardly ever goes down unless AOL is having major server problems (rare).

*See a summary of all the found fragment codes at...
Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Clue(s) #77 - Rachel Blake at Comic Con & HansoExposed.com & Fragment Codes "7hkbh" & "RRGYXS"

11:12am (West Coast Time Zone) BellyOfDesire just called me from inside the panel. Rachel interrupted the panel with Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse. Rachel Blake was sitting on the front row during the Q&A with Damon & Carlton. Nobody seemed to notice her because her back was to everyone. People were lined up at a mic asking the producers questions. Suddenly, Rachel interrupts...

HERE IS THE VIDEO! Transcript posted under "Administrator" in the comments. Thanks to BellyOfDesire for first contact from within the panel, Andy for the first full transcript, and Stelvin for sending audio & video. Tapdawg & Nightmaremommie are also there hunting for more clues...

I also uploaded the video on YOUTUBE.

First, go to hansoexposed.com. Be sure you read the "INSTRUCTIONS" before moving on. Click "REGISTER" at the bottom and enter all the information they ask you for. You will be sent a confirmation email from Rachel. Next you can "LOGIN" using your new LOGIN & PASSWORD that you created. It seems that everyone will have their own place for collecting and organizing and sharing video "fragments". Possibly 70 clips/fragments total grouped in chunks. The first chunk is 7 fragments long. "Fragment codes" will be hidden everywhere apparently always accompanied by "glyphs". (What's a glyph?) We have to find fragment codes and then share with everyone.

Here are our first 2 fragment codes:
7hkbh is seen during the first sequence scroll on the opening to hansoexposed.com with the glyph around it. The video fragment for this code is of a man with beard (Mr. Beardy) saying..."As with with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret."

RRGYXS is found when you click on the instructions in the bottom menu on the far right. It is in the glyph to the right of the text. The video fragment for this code is of Mr. Beardy saying..."You will know that the one true way has been found..."

*See a summary of all the found fragment codes at...
Matt the Pale's HansoExposed Video Fragment Code List

Clue #76 - Rachel Blake Sri Lanka Post 01

Rachel's latest post sent us to The Retrievers of Truth website again. The RoT were giving a clue on AIM about Pedro Armendariz. They said to focus on his work, not his life. It was discovered that he played in a movie adaptation of "The Pearl" called "La Perla" written by John Steinbeck. This led to "Steinbeck" as the new RoT password. We were then given clues on the RoT messageboard to go to richerdeeperbroader.com. The RoT also lead us to click on a "light in the window" of on of the "tall buildings" on the "fuel passions" quick link. This takes brings up a login box. Or you could just go to richerdeeperbroader.com/blake and when you click "clip", it brings up a login box. The username is "rblake" and the password was given as a clue on the messageboard as well..."hoo-gonchoi". This allows you to download a fairly HUGE Quicktime movie. Enjoy!! And good luck downloading that sucker!! It's also up on YouTube.

Next stop, Comic Con!

Thanks to Nikki, Dennis, Chris, Omni Scient, Chase, Linzi, and Alex for being the first to email with various bits of info!

Lost Experience Podcast Version 10.2

Here's the "lighter side" of the podcast that was left out of the original Episode 10. This one is full of intrigue, mystery, music, and a wide variety of voices (some new, some old). Hope you can take some time to enjoy it!

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE or HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file.

*Bonus Info: Wanted to make sure everyone knew about tapdawg's Comic Con Blog. and also the super-fun NEW & IMPROVED Lost Experience Clues Chat Room. and a cool new INTERVIEW with Carlton Cuse about Season 3 (may contain spoilers).

Rachel Blake Paris Post 03

Rachel's got a new post and a video from her glasses cam! Her post takes you to Monster.com where you need to click http://adminsupport.monster.com/articles/bad-boss-mirror/ towards the bottom of the page. From there click at the bottom of the article where it says " To view celebrity career advice videos, click here". Scroll down to the last video where it says "Can She Trust Him." We also have this alternate link to the video also. It seems that DJDan is hosting it as well? Finally, the video is up on YouTube!

Thanks to Dennis, Scott, Madelyn, and James for being the first to email.

*Bonus Info: Doc Jenson is at it again over at Entertainment Weekly. He posted a short blog in their PopWatch section. Click HERE to check it out. EDIT: He's added another VERY JUICY POST today. Read it now!

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 10 & DJ Dan/Mittlewerk

Listen to our first stab at a "Commenters' Opinion" Podcast! We figured everyone is tired of listening to our opinions so we decided to get YOUR actual voices on the podcast. We've got phone interviews with Maven (3:20-14:28), Stelvin (14:32-20:05), SweetScrapper (20:10-31:08), BellyOfDesire (31:13-46:38), and Thrasher76 (46:44-59:15). They each share their thoughts on 10 unresolved issues related to The Lost Experience. It's long but it's sooo fun to listen to some of the commenters you've come to know and love. We've included the times in case you want to listen in pieces :) Feel free to chat about your views on these 10 unresolved issues in the comments or on the message board.

Oh, and since it's pretty "content heavy", we'll be coming out with an Episode 10.2 later this week that is more of the "just for fun" variety!

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file.

Thanks to MrTimmyC for hosting and faster downloads!

DJ Dan/Mittlewerk
DJ Dan's site has been updated and if you go to Eyes on the Man, you'll see links to 2 new Mittlewerk videos. They're in Quicktime format, but we also have Youtube links for all those who cannot view Quicktime!

Quicktime LEP
Youtube LEP

Quicktime MFI
Youtube MFI

Thanks to Cecilia and Chelsea for first to email on these!

Clue #75 - Rachel Blake Paris Post 02 & EW Article

Rachel Blake Update
Rachel Blake has updated her blog...here we go! Go to Rachel's Blog and click on the picture. It takes you to letyourcompassguideyou.com. Click 216 degrees on the compass and use the username and password from Rachel's blog: "rblake" and "honourbar" it takes you to Index of Admin. Click my docs and then click the zero_n_such folder. It takes you to a Jeep page. From there, click the word "LOST" where it says "Well...one of us is lost." It takes you to the Jeep Compass main page. From there, click "Features" on the left sidebar and then SAFETY/SECURITY. Click "Crush Zone" on the grill and then View Demo below the picture of the vehicle.

Thanks to fastenyourseatbelts, Mike, Alex, and Kyle for being the first to email. Props to fastenyourseatbelts. As far as I can tell, the first in the world to find the video!

EW Article
On July 18, Entertainment Weekly magazine posted another article about The Lost Experience. It sounds like LOST correspondent Jeff "Doc" Jensen may have some inside information about what's coming up! Check it out...our blog even got a shout out!

Clue #74 - New Hanso/Mittlewerk Video

Yesterday, Mandrake Wig sent out a message to some friends giving a heads up that there would be some new chatter over at Retrievers of Truth today and sure enough there is. Head on over and log in with the usual "polar bear" and you'll see the newest conversation directing us to find a video on Broadband Stories. It isn't at all hard to find and it gives us more of Mittlewerk. This guy's popping up everywhere!

Transcript of the video provided in the comments by Maven for those of you who can't access it!

EDIT: Apparently, "polar bear" no longer works as a password for the Newsletter box on the Retrievers of Truth page. For now, "E72CDBF5-94FA-465C-BE5D
-0138AE32E38BANDNOITDONTMEANNOTHIN" is a working password. Before you type in the password, go ahead and enter your email to receive Wally's latest ramblings via email (which may contain clues...to other clues).

Thanks to Ange, Omniscient and Sweetscrapper for being the first to email!

Clue #73 - Rachel Blake Paris Post 01?

Rachel finally updated her post today with this image. Clicking on the image takes us to Sublymonal. Rachel did not add a heading to her post as usual...hmmm?

She also signed off with this:

In Rachel Blake's last post, mel0drama commented and signed off by saying "LISTEN, LOOK, WATCH". Andrew in our comments has found that if you go to http://www.sublymonal.com and type in LISTEN you will be shown the rap song we are used to hearing. If you listen to the song and click on on Talib Kweli's right eye, you will be taken to a login prompt, and then to the video!

Sublymonal is having problems, but you can also get there by clicking HERE. Or you can view it on Youtube, courtesy of Skree. GREAT team effort on this by our commenters!!!

Thanks to Ange, SweetScrapper, k.barrick, omniscient and Andrew for being the first to email us.

Lag Alleviation Part 3

So we still have nothing new and exciting...Well having a new lag alleviation post is pretty exciting! Don't you think? For those checking in, be sure to get caught up on some great conversation in the previous post while we all wait to find something new. As soon as something new come along we will make a new post for you.

Comment away...

Lag Alleviation Part 2

We saw a commercial featuring Thomas Mittlewerk last night, he was encouraging us to have "spirited debate" about The Hanso Foundation. We also know that Hanso Exposed was updated late last night, but we still have no user id or password.

Keep the discussions from the previous post coming...

Clue #72 - Lost Experience Clues Podcast Episode 9, Rachel Blake Italy Post 06, The Call & The Commercial

We are BACK after being SHUTDOWN by Blogger! There is definitely something fishy about The Lost Experience Clues, Inside the Experience AND Lostpedia all going down at the same time! Is it just a coincidence, or is someone trying to silence us?

Podcast 9 Episode: We got episode 9 of our famous podcast coming in loud and unclear! We talk theories, and delve into our "Plot and Payoff Predictions" to spice up an otherwise slow couple of days. It's pretty long again, so be patient...

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file.
Thanks again to MrTimmyC for hosting and faster downloads!

Rachel Blake - Italy Post 06: Rachel updated her site today and received a phone call from non other than Gidget Girl. Click here and use "RBlake" as the id and "FalseDegree" as the password. Or click here to listen without having to use the id or password.

The Call: Yesterday, Speaker mentioned in his comments that he received a phone call instructing him to watch tonight's re-runs of LOST and today we can confirm what he says because we have also received a phone call! Someone with a heavy accent called in and told us that we definitely need to watch tonight, but didn't specify which episode. When we asked who he was, there was only a click... very mysterious. Luckily, we recorded the conversation and will try to have it on next week's podcast! :)

The Commercial: During the U.S. re-airing of "The 23rd Psalm", the Hanso Foundation ran an advertisement (YouTube link thanks to LHorse007) featuring Thomas Mittlewerk in which he said, "Spirited Debate. It is the cornerstone of our philosophy here at the Hanso Foundation We are reaching out to a better tomorow and that means listening to our critics. Even those who would lob unfounded claims from the darkness. We are confident in our mission. That is why we invite you, talk about us discuss our acomplishments and our continued progress. We are here for you. Thank you and namaste."

Thanks to Evil^^, Sean, NoIQ, Michaela, Alex, The Truth Tempest, Andrew, Jeremy and many others for being the first to email us.

Lag Alleviation Post

This post is just to alleviate the lag from the many comments in Clue #71. There's a lot of good theory discussion going on, and we wouldn't want the discussion to stop because of lag issues.

Keep those theories coming!!!

Clue #71 - DJDan 7/10 & Rachel Blake Italy Post 05

DJ Dan: There's a new "Where's Alvar" themed podcast available from DJDan. He's got it hidden in the owelles folder of letyourcompassguideyou.com. Lot's of LOST series references in this one. Enjoy and discuss!

Rachel Blake: Rachel has updated her blog with another post! It looks like she got hacked, but doesn't know by who yet. She names a few of our faithful family as friends on the front page! Head over and check it out now!

Thanks to Ange, Lyrka, dazzedelf, Julie & John for emailing us first.

Lost Experience Podcast Episode 8 & Frappr

Twelve important questions, an interview with an Australian, and the return of Listener Feedback. This podcast is content rich, contains the first authentic accent, and is also the longest one on record for this blog. Check out our message boards (see link in sidebar) as you listen b/c they usually host a pretty good discussion of our podcasts. It took a lot of work to make this one work, hope you guys think it was worth the effort...

Click HERE to launch iTunes, find our podcast, and subscribe.
Click HERE if you'd rather just listen in your browser or right-click and save the file. Usually, in the comments, somebody mirrors the file so its more accessible. :)
Thanks to MrTimmyC for hosting and faster downloads!

In the case of another slow day, might we suggest an advanced form of global interaction called Frappr...

Do you frappr? If you're not a frappr, it's time to become one. There's no distinction between East Coast Frapp, West Coast Frapp, Crunk Frapp, or Gangsta Frapp...we can all be Frapprs with the click of a mouse. It's that easy. Our stats tell us that we have between 5,000 and 6,000 individuals visit this site each day so we figured at least half of you would be interested in Frappring...our goal: 2,500 new Frapprs by Monday. Click HERE to get started.

Special THANKS to Christy for getting the Frappr started for our blog...You rock Christy! Now get in there everybody.

Clue #70 - Rachel Blake Italy Post 04

Rachel's got a new post. It is about a boat she found called the Helgus Antonius. Let's keep our eyes out for more though!

Also, we have a few links that let you back into the old Hanso Site posted on our sidebar along with other useful information like Speaker's weekly round-ups and our Research Blog. Check it out!

Thanks to Annebeth for being the first to email us about this.

Clue #69 - Rachel Blake Italy Post 03 & DJDan 7/05

Rachel Post:
Rachel made a new post this morning. Something about Mittelwerk and getting his blood replaced. Why? She follows Mittelwerk to The "Avlar Hanso Center for Advanced Medical Services" and gives us a link to audio hidden on the UK Channel 4 website. The clip is at the end of the "play now" clip on the front page. You just have to fastforward through all the other stuff to hear Rachel's audio. Probably easier just to follow our DIRECT LINK to the audio. MegaPrime33 gives us a great transcript near the top of the comments!

DJ Dan:
DJ Dan also has a new podcast up! Go to DJ Dan podcast page, in the Sublymonal ad type in anything and the word "pyramid" appears. Click on the pyramid icon at the bottom for DJ Dan's latest.

Or click our pyramid for a direct link!

We were also emailed a really nice map of the Lost universe and happenings by created by Jonah and first sent into us by Aaron, Check out this awesome Lost Map.

Comment away!

Thanks to Christine, MegaPrime33, DazzedElf, LeeLee2233, Aaron and the Duck for the first emails on this.

Clue #68 - Rachel Blake - Italy Post 01/02 & Valenzetti Equation

Rachel Post 01:
Rachel just posted the Login and Password for the richerbroaderdeeper login box on her blog under Italy Post 01. User Name = rblake. Password = allveggie. It takes us to a new video, which is in Quicktime format. We've put the video up at this YouTube link for those who cannot access it in Quicktime format!

Rachel brings her "genes" into the mix with a specific mention her mother. It may or may not be relevant, but she signs off using a phrase that Gerry found more information about on this website or this one.

Rachel updated her post AGAIN! Looks like she wants us to dig up as much information as possible on Enzo Valenzetti, she should check out our Research Blog for more information on him.

Valenzetti Equation:
Searching through the web we've stumbled upon this Valenzetti Equation site that EVERYONE needs check out!

Rachel Post 02:
Rachel updated and gives us a link to some audio of a very interesting discussion between Mittlewerk, Peter Thompson, and a woman. There was a link to http://au.docs.yahoo.com/rachels-cast/ and the login was given as "rblake" and the password "organharvest". Some of those voices sound vaguely familiar...DJDan & Tanya?

Administrative Update
Also, I wanted to let you know about a change to our blog. I'm traveling quite a bit this summer and work has really picked up for William & Daniel (the other blog Admins), so we've invited two new contributors to join the TLEC team. From now on, BellyOfDesire and Thrasher76 will be reading your emails and creating posts for this blog alongside David (Administrator). We're so excited to have them on board!

Thanks to Rick, Linklane and Omniscient for pointing it out in the comments and Gerry for his email. Thanks also to Rich, Karen, Alex, and Christine for emailing. We love emails ABOUT CLUES!!!

Clue #67 - RoT Clues - Money, Experiences, Check, Sorrow, and Tomorrow!

I thought it would be best to move the RoT chatter from yesterday to it's own clue and add the new ones from this morning. Those Retrievers are keeping us busy!


1. First See Clue # 65. We found a 3-layer document by guessing 2 of the clues. Today, we see what was supposed to happen in order to find the link to the MONEY page that was found yesterday by Dennis by simply guessing. We were supposed to notice a new image posted at Mandrake Wig's Flickr Site that shows a truck on grass that's "green like MONEY."

2. Also, looking below the other picture, it says "Get a clue: Direct observation or participation?"... doing a google search for these exact words will reveal to you that this as an exact definition for "EXPERIENCES. " So we also have our 7th word in the list of RoT clues (See below for more on RoT clues).

There has been new chatter on the RoT message board, and this time it gives us 2 new "clue words". If you are not familiar with the RoT clue words, you'll have to check the comments in previous posts b/c we were initially skeptical about the Retrievers and did a slack job of tracking their words. To boil it all down...up until this morning they have been leading us to SOMETHING LIKE THIS URL. We're still looking for more words to discover exactly where and what it is they are leading us to.

1. So...First, there's this conversation:

DSLerator You need to get a clue.
iobiSeeingYou But from where my love?
DSLerator You get it from the waitress! THE END?

The last part about what you get from the waitress at the end indicates to us that our 8th word in the string is "check"

2. Then we see the following dialogue:

BroadBandBeatnik That stunk.
Fiberoptician SORROW
BroadBandBeatnik What?
Fiberoptician Nothing.

And we have our third word, "sorrow" (See SORROW here), for that 3 layer document mentioned above. This was guessed by BellyOfDesire 2 days ago.

3. And then finally...Just by luck, once again, acts4food in our comments put a "tomorrow" on the string we already had and got a LOGIN BOX. We're on board with the RoT stuff and are looking to see what happens next!

Thanks to Tim, lhorse007, Laurie and acts4food for being the first to email